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Charitable Giving


A mother of seven children once wrote, The Secret to Living is Giving. And if anyone knows about giving, it’s a mother.  But it’s Life Giving…Giving Life.  No matter how you arrange it, the two words are intimately connected. Giving. Life.


A good part of our quality of life (actually, the best part) comes more from what we give than what we acquire:


A harvested apple contains only a few seeds; A planted seed contains innumerable apples.


Maybe you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have an established and secure Legacy Plan. 


Maybe you are still trying to find the right balance between your heirs and the causes that you believe in.

Maybe you want to discover your options about creating more tax efficiencies with your giving.

Maybe you believe that the future can be better because you chose to be a giver.

Giving is part of who we are.  We get that!


The Canadian Government acknowledges (through tax policy) that individual Canadians are more effective at funding charitable activities:


  • Life insurance can be structured with favorable tax treatment to carry out your Giving Plan.
  • Securities, such as shares of publicly traded companies, can now be structured to benefit your tax bill and your favorite charity’s bottom line.
  • Private Foundations can be structured to put you in control of where, when, and how you give.


In the end, you have options, and Charitable Giving is an area that we love to discuss.