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Business Strategies


You probably started your business for many reasons, and if you boil them all down, they look like CONTROL and FREEDOM. 

You wanted to be your own boss, or you figured you could do a better job or provide better service and make more money if you struck out on your own.  You believed in a better future where your business serves the family, instead of your family serving the business.  This is a great vision.

But the simple truth is that two big beasts challenge and threaten your freedom on a daily basis: TAXATION and RISK.  Taxation slows the process down, and Risk can totally wipe it out!




Our team specializes in using structure (law) built around discipline (yours & ours) to create tax efficiency.  The goal is to minimize tax inside your corporation and personally.

We specialize in managing risk, and there are two majors: to secure your income coming in and to minimize the effect of taxation from eroding the wealth you create.


  • Are you taking full advantage of your Capital Dividend Account?
  • Do you want to make sure you will utilize your lifetime capital gains exemption?
  • Are you trying to pass your business on to the next generation or a strategic employee?
  • Are you happy with the rate of tax you are paying?
  • Do you need more income from your corporation?
  • Are you looking to make investments outside of your corporation but have all of your money trapped inside?
  • Do you want creative ways to retain and reward your top performing employees, as well as ensure that the business will not be impacted if they go down?
  • Are you tired of the cycle of trading time for money?


In your business and personal structure, you have a lot of moving parts that we seek to understand.  But the bottom line is: YOU’RE IN CONTROL.  It’s your business.  It’s your future.


Fewer Hassles.  More Choices.