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33f9f47557f292e605af552a64306da0_f130.jpgI met Garry, by chance on a return flight home from a family vacation. Looking back, I believe it was very much fate that placed us in aisle seats beside each other.

With Garry's patience and selfless guidance, he has turned our financial situation around and set us on a path that will allow us to achieve our financial goals.

My wife, Sherry and I will be forever grateful for the ways that Garry has touched, changed and enhanced our lives. He is a true voice of reason and wisdom in our lives; we completely trust his expertise and advice to guide us through our financial decisions.

Garry really has been one of the most consistent fixtures in our lives, and we truly believe that without him we would not be in the most successful, stable and grateful place we have ever been in.

Larry and Sherry




As a family we have great respect for Garry. We are all very clear that many of the principles we have applied to our lives were taught to us, we did not just simply “understand” them on our own. With Garry and the council from ITI Financial, we have made decisions and applied principles that have helped to start and grow a company. Since its inception in 2005 it has generated a few million dollars in sales a year and has 11 employees, including my wife and my 2 oldest sons. In 2012 we were approached by an International company that invited us to come on board with them and represent their product here and gives us access to clientele from all over North America. We have been able to acquire a few million in real estate in the last number of years and are constantly being challenged to move forward and impact this great country and the people in it. Garry has taught me to include multiple professionals and people in my life; that we need each other’s excellence in order to be the greatest we can be in order to have the maximum impact. The structure of my life and the influence I am able to have in other people’s lives has been greatly influenced by Garry.

Darcy & Dallas